Jeramy Norris The Blues Disciple

     Jeramy Norris is a true Blues musician with family roots in Texas. Conceived in Baytown Texas on Alabama street Jeramy was exposed to Texas BBQ, Texas Music, and the magical Texas water while in his mothers womb. Carried to nearly full term in Texas his family moved to California two weeks prior to his birth. The southern influence is obvious in his brazen Texas Blues style and his extreme southern hospitality.
     As a songwriter, band leader, vocalist, guitarist, and producer, Jeramy brings his undistracted passion for the Texas Blues to the forefront of his musical journey. His deep love of Texas Blues, groove, and songwriting forge the basis of The Blues Cartel's signature sound. "Whatever the song needs" is his motto. Jeramy is an absolute force to be reckoned with on guitar. His vocals are deep and warm with complete reverence to the gut bucket spirit of the Blues. His seasoned playing is mature, raw, and haunting. His voice delivers vintage soul and authentic tone. To quote Jeramy, " The Blues Cartel is the most fun I've ever had playing in a band. The music is unadulterated and pure. I'm so thankful to have this band with Chip and Peter. It's more than a band it's a brotherhood. To me that's lightning in a bottle. Our fans are a family of friends and that's exactly how we like it!"
     Come out to a show and see what the hype is all about.